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October 30 - November 3, 2017

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Join 50+ world-class experts who share their proven tactics for growing a better network, deepening relationships and professional connections, and leveraging it all to enhance your life.

Speakers featured in:

The Super Connector Summit was designed to help you become just that...a super connector. You've heard it before "it's not what you know, it's who you know." Or maybe you've  heard "your network is your net worth." It's true, but it doesn't solve the most value problem: how do you become well-connected?

The best networkers are super connectors, people with large networks yes...but also people who use their contacts to make others lives and career better by making connections for them. All of the experts in this summit are super connectors in their fields. They've benefited from cultivating a powerful network...and others have benefits to.

Now it's your turn.

This is just a bunch of folks giving you advice. Each speaker will share the powerful strategies that helped them grow their network, improve their connections, and strengthen their relationships...and and the proven tactics that you can applied to find similar success. The insights on this summit can change how you work for the better...

...will you let them?

The experts you’ll be learning from in this Summit…

Adam Grant

Author of Give and Take

Dorie Clark

Author of Entrepreneurial You

Jordan Harbinger

Host of The Art of Charm

Erica Dhawan

Author of Get Big Things Done

Jenny Blake

Author of Pivot

Jeffrey Shaw

Founder of Creative Warriors Podcast

Caroline Webb

Author of How To Have A Good Day

Derek Coburn

Author of Networking is Not Working

Navid Moazzez

Founder of Virtual Summit Mastery

Kamelia Britton

Founder of Hackerette

Ryan Michler

Founder of Order of Man

Molly Beck

Author of Reach Out

Cory Huff

Founder of The Abundant Artist

Alinka Rutkowska

Founder of Author Remake

John Ruhlin

Author of Giftology

Nina Amir

Founder of Inspiration to Creation Coach

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Founder of Introvert Whisperer

Daniel Puder

Founder of My Life My Power

Christy Largent

Creator of How to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone

Cody Jefferson

Founder of Embrace The Lion

Tim Ray

Founder of United Intentions Radio

Katrina Razavi

Founder of Communication for Nerds

Kevin Kermes

Founder of Career Attraction

Tathra Street

Host of Tall Poppy Podcast

Lise Cartwright

Founder of Hustle & Groove

Jan Koch

Founder of WPMastery

Jyotsna Ramachandran

Founder of Happy Self-Publishing

Jason Lauritsen

Founder of Talent Anarchy

Mike Loomis

Author of Your Brand is Your Calling

Kirsten Oliphant

Founder of Create If Writing

Mark Babbitt

Author of A World Gone Social

Adele Cehrs

Founder of Epic PR Group

Lucy Hay

Founder of Bang 2 Write

Michael Lee Stallard

Author of Connection Culture

Mary Kathryn Johnson

Founder of Parent Entrepreneur Power

Kelly Riggs

Author of Counter Mentor Leadership

Tanner Gehrs


Michelle Lederman

Author of 11 Laws of Likability

Austin Church

Founder of Wunderbar

Christina Nicholson

Founder of Media Maven

Jennifer Flynn

Founder of The Balance Maven

Andrew Tepen

Founder of Launch Your Damn Website

Donna Kozik

Founder of Write with Donna

Brian Downard

Founder of Laptop Empire Lab

Eric Van Der Hope

Author of Mastering Niche Marketing

Angela Ford

Author & Book Marketing Expert

Colin Pal

Head of Partnerships at Thinkific

Anne Rainbow

Founder of ScrivenerVirgin

Alexa Bigwarfe

Founder of Write, Publish, Sell

Jan Rutherford

Founder of Self-Reliant Leadership

Maura Thomas

Founder of Regain Your Time

Matthew Turner

Founder of Turndog

Jonathan Green

Author of Serve No Master

May Busch

Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author

Clark Gaither

Author of Powerful Words

Jess Sweet

Founder of Wishing Well Coaching

Ryan Hartwig

Author of Teams That Thrive

Steve Harper

Author of The Ripple Effect

Nick Skillicorn

Founder of Idea 2 Value

And More


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

What makes this Summit unique?

Your time is valuable, don't spend it on an airplane traveling to a random city. Instead, we'll bring these powerful insights straight to your office, or home, or...if you really want...airplane. You can watch the summit anywhere you have internet access. You won't find this collection of experts anywhere else, or anywhere at all. Instead, you'll find them everywhere you want to be delivered right to you totally free.

You'll get maximum impact in minimal time...and on your own schedule. The summit will run from October 30 to November 3rd. Each day, you'll get a new collection of world-class thought leaders sent right to your email inbox. Each talk will be live for 48 hours, so you can watch them at a time that works for you. In addition, with the All-Access Pass, you'll get lifetime access to the entire collection.

Why you should attend this summit:

1. The insights shared can dramatically improve your networkOur speakers are some of the most successful networkers and connectors around, and they're committed to sharing proven tactics to get more from your network. They'll share readily applicable insights for transforming the way you connect with others.

2. Watch on your schedule. Unlike most conferences, you don't ever have to choose between sessions. Each one will be posted like for 48 hours during the summit, so you can watch on your time and never have to choose between one life-changing speaker and another. Plus, with the All-Access Pass, you'll be get lifetime access to every session.

3. You won't find this collection of experts anywhere else. This is a rare opportunity to hear from 60+ world-class thought leaders all in one place at one time. The unique nature of this summit allows you to get more wisdom faster than any other conference.

4 Zero travel required. You don't need to come to us, we'll come to you. Unlike other conferences, there's no need to travel miles just to sit in an awkward hotel ballroom. Instead, each talk will be sent right to you, wherever you are. You can watch from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you have an internet connection.

5. It's FREE for a limited time if you sign up today. The typical conference requires a sizable investment, and an even bigger time commitment. The Super Connector Summit is different. You'll save money and save time. If you claim your spot today, it's totally FREE.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Gifts & Bonuses for Everyone Who Attends

Sign up for the event and you’ll get a digital goodie bag full of...

10 Days To A Better Network Workbook

Learn the simple steps anyway take to grow their network, improve their connections, and strengthen their relationships with just 10 short activities.

The Super Connector Toolkit

We've put together an amazing collection of networking and collaboration tools and begged their creators for special discounts and other deals. The toolkit alone is worth over $500 and it's yours free just for joining the summit.


What is the Super Connector Summit?

The Super Connector Summit is an online event featuring 60+ experts on networking, collaboration, sales, marketing, team-building, and leadership. These world-class thought leaders have will share their secrets on growing your network, improving your connections, and deepening your relationships. 

Who should attend the summit?

Newbies with no network and seasoned connectors alike will benefit from the insights shared during this summit. Whether you struggle to meet new people, or struggle to keep in touch with current contacts, you will find insights and practical tactics you can use to become a super connector..

What does it cost?

It's totally FREE to sign up. Each day of the summit, we'll send you an email with the expert sessions for that day. Each session will be live for 48 hours so you can watch at your convenience. 


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

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David Burkus is a best-selling author, an award-winning podcaster, and associate professor of management at Oral Roberts University. He's the bestselling author of three books Under New Management, The Myths of Creativity, and the forthcoming Friend of a Friend. As a speaker, he's delivered keynotes to the leaders of Fortune 500 companies and the future leaders of the United States Naval Academy. David is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. And on top of that, he's still teaching multiple business school classes per year and was named a Top 40 Under 40 Professor.

How? Well he owes a lot to making the right connections.

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